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Shipment Planning Datasheets


Sailing Schedules API

The IQAX Big Schedules Sailing Schedules API allows you to pull ocean carriers’ schedules into your internal systems for analytics dashboards and enterprise applications. Collect sailing schedule data by origin and destination pairs to save time looking up the latest schedules and to optimize route planning.



Vessel Schedules API

The IQAX Big Schedules Vessel Schedules API lets you access container vessels’ port call estimated and actual arrival and departure times within a specified timeframe into your system. Leverage the data to optimize downstream planning and extend vessel schedule status visibility to your customers.



Carrier Performance Analytics

IQAX Carrier Performance Analytics offers an interactive dashboard to measure and analyze ocean carriers’ performance as well as market benchmarking. By setting up port-pair combinations, you can compare the performance across carriers based on your business needs.



Big Schedules Basic Plan

The IQAX Big Schedules Basic plan lets you access the latest schedules. Leveraging big data sources, IQAX monitors and analyzes live vessel, weather, and news data covering 90% of the world’s container capacity to optimize your sailing schedule and vessel tracking search results. ​​



Big Schedules Advanced Package

In addition to the Basic plan offerings, the IQAX Big Schedules Advanced package offers extensive sailing schedule and vessel tracking search results. It also allows you to analyze performance with a schedule comparison tool and to stay informed of schedule changes with vessel watch alerts.



Big Schedules Proforma Report

The IQAX Big Schedules Proforma Report provides all major ocean carriers’ comprehensive service loop and vessel deployment plans for nearly 3,000 services for NVOCCs to plan house-level service offerings and secure vessel space earlier with their carriers.



Operations Center Datasheet


Velocity Workflow

Velocity is a cloud-based solution that digitalizes the orchestration process, to deliver to NVOCCs fast, reliable, high-quality documentation processing globally.





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How to Solve Logistics Planning Challenges with Ocean Schedule APIs

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