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Shipment disruptions typically carry financial implications and require substantial effort to rectify or follow up. After you have shipped, the port of discharge arrival time is of high importance to make or break your customer promise. Our visibility solutions are built on the latest AI, machine learning and blockchain technologies, allowing you to accurately monitor shipment exceptions and take early corrective actions.


Take Control of Shipment Disruptions for Timely Responses


Eagle is an ocean shipment visibility application that proactively alerts shippers and NVOCCs to exceptions that may prolong transit times through transshipment ports so that you can reduce costly impacts and improve customer service. The digital operation provides predictive visibility and early notification of delays based on shipment monitoring, sailing schedules, and live vessel data.

Shipment exceptions managed:
  • Actual transshipment misconnections
  • Projected transshipment misconnections
  • Projected long idling at transshipment ports
  • Last port of discharge arrival delay 


Eagle provides:
  • A transshipment exception dashboard to enable early action
  • Viewing and filtering of exceptions by multiple dimensions
  • Collaboration through a single view to streamline communications


Eagle enables you to:
  • Illuminate shipment disruption visibility
  • Elevate your business performance
  • Collaborate to manage follow-up actions