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IQAX listed in Top 10 Shipping Digital Pioneers


Inclusion in Annual 100 in the Port and Shipping Industry list by China Shipping Gazette highlights IQAX’s innovation capabilities and forward-looking solutions

HONG KONG — Feb 8, 2023 — Highlighting its innovative capabilities and the transformative nature of its digital solutions for shipping and logistics, IQAX Limited was listed in the Top 10 Shipping Digital Pioneers as part of the 2022 Annual 100 in the Port and Shipping Industry list by China Shipping Gazette.

The Top 10 Shipping Digital Pioneers list honors best-in-class innovative companies that develop digital solutions, software, and technology for the shipping industry. IQAX solutions leverage multiple advanced and forward-looking technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into a complete suite of products that can significantly strengthen shipping and logistics operations.

“The trend towards greater digitization is reshaping the global shipping industry and the value it generates became evident during the past few years. Innovative solutions like ours, that tap into the most advanced technologies, make the shipping industry and global trade more efficient and resilient,” said IQAX CEO Romney Wong. “The powerful solutions IQAX develops will continue to help the logistics industry take large strides towards a more efficient digitized future.”

“It is an honour to be counted as one of the Top 10 Shipping Digital Pioneers and will continue to create new and innovative technology solutions for this very important industry,” Wong added.

IQAX is committed to developing intelligent solutions to drive the digitization of shipping and logistics, aiming to create a harmonious global trade environment. With this vision in mind, IQAX has developed cutting-edge technology solutions to improve visibility and operational efficiency across the industry.

Digitization is driving the shipping industry, noted China Shipping Gazette in announcing this year’s list. As the world returns to normal, the industry is deriving significant benefits from this trend that took a big leap forward over the past few of years defined by serious challenges and market difficulties. IQAX’s innovative solutions like IQAX Focus, IQAX TrackIt and IQAX eBL contributed significantly to digitization in shipping.

Based on the IoT, AI, and machine learning, IQAX Focus enables users to significantly improve the efficiency of logistics management. It provides end-to-end visibility and real time monitoring of both dry and reefer cargo through a single platform. The use of AI reduces false alarms, facilitates smart alerts, and accelerates compliance processes. This plug-and-play solution can be deployed quickly and relies on rechargeable and reusable devices.

IQAX TrackIt is a real-time ocean shipment visibility platform for shippers and non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCCs) that uses a digital twin and AI to visualize and gain insights about shipments in transit. IQAX TrackIt empowers shippers to proactively identify potential delays that may require attention, view predictive departure and arrival times for better planning, provides map and calendar views, and allows shippers to stay one step ahead of their shipments.

IQAX eBL facilitates the use of electronic bills of lading (B/Ls) based on blockchain technology. IQAX eBL allows the industry to move away from traditional paper-based B/Ls. B/Ls are crucial to global trade through their role confirming ownership of goods. Electronic B/Ls have myriad of advantages over cumbersome paper-based ones in terms of information accuracy, data security, efficiency, energy savings and low carbon emissions.

China Shipping Gazette’s Annual 100 in the Port and Shipping Industry list is China’s most authoritative list of the most influential stakeholders in the industry.


About IQAX

IQAX is a global information technology company that provides intelligent and digital transformation solutions using blockchain for enterprises in the logistics ecosystem. Backed by a strong heritage in container shipping, IQAX strives to foster a harmonized and connected global trade environment. As an industry leader, IQAX connect with shippers, freight forwarders, carriers, terminals, and financial institutions, and empowers them with digitized solutions to meet emerging business challenges throughout the supply chain.

IQAX is an independent technology company wholly owned by Orient Overseas International Ltd. (HKEX:0316), which is in turn part of Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL), one of the largest integrated international transport and logistics companies in the world.

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