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Gaining Visibility in the Challenging Red Sea Shipping Environment with IQAX

In today's challenging Red Sea shipping environment, gaining visibility into shipping disruptions has never been more important.

Q: How are shippers and freight forwarders dealing with Red Sea disruptions?
A: The ongoing Red Sea shipping crisis continues to strain global supply chains. Lacking visibility, BCOs and NVOs struggle to understand disruption impacts or take mitigating actions.
However, gaining clarity has traditionally involved putting together disjointed data from multiple carriers – a time-consuming hassle.

Q: How does IQAX help?
A: IQAX changes that by delivering a singular view of shipment performance. Through a powerful analysis platform, IQAX brings transparency to key challenges like unreliable ETAs and costly inefficiencies.
Clients can now analyze trends by customizable criteria like trade lanes, ports, or services. IQAX's sophisticated tools evaluate on-time reliability, transit times, and vessel waiting time, providing actionable route recommendations.

Q: What benefits do IQAX offer to shippers and freight forwarders?
A: These insights empower shippers and freight forwarders to share data-driven insights across internal and external teams and make data-driven decisions. By arming customers with unified analytics, IQAX transforms reactive scramble into proactive control.

Get in touch today engagement@iqax.com to see how IQAX’s granular shipment visibility can strengthen your supply chain resilience. Contact us to arrange a personalized demo.

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