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IQAX - Intelligence to Accelerate Transformation

IQAX is a global technology company that provides intelligent and digital transformation solutions for enterprises of the trading ecosystem. Backed by its strong heritage in container shipping, IQAX strives to foster a harmonized global trade environment. As a convener of industry partner collaborations internationally, IQAX connects with shippers, freight forwarders, carriers, terminals, and financial institutions, and empowers them with digitized solutions to meet real business challenges throughout the supply chain.

Our Core Values


With more than twenty years in ocean shipping and a deep understanding of global container shipment management, the IQAX team of seasoned shipping, logistics, supply chain and IT professionals has a proven reputation for delivering extensive technical solutions in sailing schedules, cargo visibility, documentation, reporting and process management for shippers, forwarders, carriers and terminals. 

With this solid foundation, IQAX has the knowledge and expertise to drive the digital transformation of the entire logistics supply chain.


IQAX solutions are intelligent because they are able to operate in a parallel paradigm going beyond reporting to deliver predictions and real-time synchronization. Adopting and harnessing big data, blockchain technology, machine learning, AI and real-time data feeds powered by the IoT, IQAX solutions improve shipping visibility, enhance schedule reliability, simplify documentation management and deliver holistic cold chain management.


As an independent entity, IQAX is ideally positioned to act as a convener bringing together industry stakeholders in synergistic partnership. Leading the development of advanced technology solutions, IQAX is ensuring that their adoption is in line with the pace of industry readiness, they maintain reliability and consistency, and they are addressing real business needs and industry challenges.  


IQAX has been established and structured to operate independently, enabling it to act as a neutral convener for the industry and to bridge connections and partnerships.

We are committed to the collaboration of industry players to develop and steer a new cross-industry operating platform and ecosystem that will empower the next major transformation of the logistics industry. IQAX is ideally positioned to bring synergy and value to organizations throughout the supply chain.


Shipment management and the shipping supply chain remains one of the most traditional paper-based industries and although centralized platforms have digitized some processes, the potential of a digital ecosystem that optimizes operations across a parallel paradigm is significant.

Complexities in logistics demand simplification. Digital solutions that deliver speed, security, transparency and accuracy, at the right time, help businesses establish differentiation and maintain competitiveness. 

IQAX promotes acceleration through manageable steps to facilitate transformation at a scale and approach that is sustainable.


To support the global trade community, IQAX does not restrict its solutions or partnerships to any specific territory or region. We work with industry players across the globe to develop an ecosystem that supports the entire logistics supply chain, irrespective of geography. Just as the logistics industry is international in scale and scope, so is IQAX.

IQAX respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. For more information, read IQAX's Privacy Statement

IQAX respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. For more information, read IQAX's Privacy Statement.