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What is IQAX

IQ = Intelligence
A = Accelerate
X = Transformation

There is significant meaning behind each of the four letters of the IQAX name.

Intelligence represents the intelligent solutions that IQAX is developing to digitalize global trade and shipping. 

Accelerate refers to the way IQAX is moving the industry forward, acting as a convener for collaboration to ensure the pace of development meets industry needs.

Transformation expresses the significant change that IQAX is leading to move the industry from paper-based processes and centralized database systems, towards an ecosystem of solutions working in a parallel paradigm.


A neutral, independent, international entity working in close collaboration with industry players to create an entirely new operating system for the global trade, shipping, logistics management and supply chain management. 

A deliverer of digital solutions that power an open platform for the entire supply chain ecosystem to increase agility.

An innovator of the most advanced, leading edge technology solutions using big data, machine-learning AI, blockchain, and IoT to deliver value-adding benefits to businesses.

A convener of collaboration amongst industry partners to help drive business transformation at a manageable pace and technology adoption that delivers tangible solutions to business needs.

Building solutions that can operate in a parallel paradigm where multiple systems combine together to deliver real-time predictive analytical information on all aspects of cargo movements and payments that reflect the real world.