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Digital Twin

Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds of Shipping 


Every stakeholder wants to know the status of vessels as they circle the globe and the Automatic Identification System (AIS) enables access to live vessel information through the Internet of Things (IoT).

Now IQAX has developed a digital twin platform that combines vessel IoT data with schedule, container and shipment data to deliver live vessel status, allowing decision-making based on real-time information.

The digital twin platform delivers:

  • What-if scenarios based on real-time data
  • A digital replica of a physical object integrating AI, IoT, AI and spatial network graphs
  • A ‘digital twin’ of the actual movement of cargo
  • Data latency reduced to just 15-30 minutes and 96% completeness rate
  • More complete and accurate shipment and schedule updates
  • Real-time incident impact alerts and analysis
  • Carrier schedule reliability


Distributed Process Orchestration


Blockchain provides a technology infrastructure that tackles the fragmentation and inefficiencies in the current global trade operating models. Using blockchain technology, IQAX enables distributed process orchestration of shared, trusted data to all parties throughout the supply chain with transactions that are:

  • Secure – All transactions are signed by users making them impervious to fraud
  • Distributed – Transaction data is distributed to multiple nodes, independent of a central party, and delivers accurate up-to-date information to each approved party
  • Shared – Transactions are shared among participating parties for verification and consensus
  • Immutable – Allows records to be added, not changed or deleted, to improve accountability and access to change history

IQAX’s use of blockchain represents an intelligent, agile, and flexible solution, delivering tangible value to overcome real-life logistics challenges. By connecting shippers, NVOCCs, ocean carriers, vessel operators, and terminals, IQAX promotes decentralized collaboration and governance to optimize cross-domain synergies within the parallel working paradigm typical of the logistics industry. 

IQAX respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. For more information, read IQAX's Privacy Statement

IQAX respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. For more information, read IQAX's Privacy Statement.