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IQAX Shipment Tracking API Named in Influential List of Top 10 Digital Transportation Solutions Providers


‘IQAX distinguishes itself in the industry,” says Logistics Tech Outlook magazine, which included IQAX Shipment Tracking API in its Digital Transportation edition

HONG KONG — July 1, 2023 — IQAX Limited was named to the Top 10 Digital Transportation Solutions Providers 2023 by Logistics Tech Outlook on the basis of the power and innovation demonstrated by its IQAX Shipment Tracking API solution.

The award honors the most innovative digital solutions for the shipping and logistics industry.

“IQAX distinguishes itself in the industry with its powerful Shipment Tracking API that is underpinned by forward-looking technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital twin, and the Internet of Things,” noted the editors at Logistics Tech Outlook. “The innovative solution empowers companies to lower transportation management costs, enhance shipment management efficiency, reduce the risk of late or mismanaged shipments, and improve the collaboration between supply chain associates.”

“IQAX Shipment Tracking API taps into advanced technologies to give the shipping and logistics industry a unified data model and shipment data that expands visibility into the shipping process,” said IQAX CEO Romney Wong. “IQAX develops powerful solutions to help the shipping and logistics industry overcome the many challenges it faces every day and, in so doing, create a stronger, more resilient, more sustainable, and harmonious system of global trade.”

“It is an honour to be included in the Top 10 Digital Transportation Solutions Providers 2023. This award marks one more accolade for our powerful solutions and highlights their contribution to the shipping and logistics industry,” Romney added.

IQAX taps into a variety of cutting-edge technologies to develop its innovative solutions that power digitization in shipping and logistics.

Using digital twin technology, IQAX Shipment Tracking API enriches shipment tracking data collected from vessels using IoT technology and incorporates data from more than 17,000 live vessel movements, schedules from 29 ocean carriers, 7 million pieces of weather data, and monitoring data from over 800 ports and 1,400 terminals into a single source of truth. It provides predictive estimated time of departure (ETD), estimated time of arrival (ETA), detected actual time of departure (ATD), and actual time of arrival (ATA) information. IQAX Shipment Tracking API’s predictive model is built on years of historical automatic identification system (AIS) data and more than a million vessel journeys.

IQAX Shipment Tracking API makes the process of connecting with multiple carriers more efficient. At the same time, the predictive data it generates can account for any changes to routes and schedules fast, helping users and the industry improve operational efficiencies. This allows users to investigate discrepancies between the original data provided by carriers and the enriched data, enabling them to optimize their supply chains to avoid unexpected costs for items like demurrage or storage caused by delays.

IQAX Shipment Tracking API is just one of the many innovative solutions IQAX has developed to support the global shipping industry. Another important solution is IQAX TrackIt, is a real-time ocean shipment visibility platform for shippers and non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCCs).


About IQAX

IQAX is a global information technology company that provides intelligent and digital transformation solutions using blockchain for enterprises in the logistics ecosystem. Backed by a strong heritage in container shipping, IQAX strives to foster a harmonized and connected global trade environment. As an industry leader, IQAX connect with shippers, freight forwarders, carriers, terminals, and financial institutions, and empowers them with digitized solutions to meet emerging business challenges throughout the supply chain.

IQAX is an independent technology company wholly owned by Orient Overseas International Ltd. (HKEX:0316), which is in turn part of Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL), one of the largest integrated international transport and logistics companies in the world.

IQAX respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. For more information, read IQAX's Privacy Statement

IQAX respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. For more information, read IQAX's Privacy Statement.