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New Chain Logistics Company Use Case



New Chain Logistics (NCL) has its roots in Shenzhen. With a core focus on international shipping and comprehensive logistics services, the company excels in efficiently managing global shipping operations for China's import and export activities. Boasting experience in serving numerous clients, including Fortune 500 companies, NCL continues to expand its business footprint with a growing scale of operations. 


With the growth of NCL’s business, the handling of transportation documents has become an increasingly significant aspect of NCL's daily operations. The functionality of the Sea Waybill struggles to keep up with the evolving needs of NCL's development, and challenges associated with the Sea Waybill are gradually surfacing: 

Email Management of Bills of Lading Poses Risks

In the past, NCL predominantly utilized the Sea Waybill as the primary cargo document and primarily relied on email for the exchange of these documents with customers. Although cost-effective, this approach presents certain challenges. Firstly, the absence of unified identification and categorization in email management leads to inefficiencies when searching for specific Sea Waybill information. Moreover, each step in managing document-related emails requires manual intervention, leading to potential errors and introducing uncertainty into subsequent processing. Additionally, the simultaneous receipt of non-transport-related emails in the same inbox poses operational risks, potentially leading to oversight of crucial business notifications.

The Right of Cargo Challenges Lead to Control Pressure

When NCL opts for Sea Waybill transport, it encounters the decision of whether to pay upfront or on delivery. Following the operational logic of the Sea Waybill, paying on delivery creates inconvenience in fund utilization for NCL, while paying upfront introduces the risk of potential loss of both money and goods.


System Presets Available: One-click Transfer Supported for Easy Management 

The IQAX eBL system is web-based, eliminating the need for downloads. NCL can simply log in to access the B/Ls information. When utilizing the transfer functions, NCL only needs to confirm the pre-filled consignee, shipper, and carrier information, enabling a one-click transfer. Compared to the traditional email approach involving drafting emails and manually organizing and managing documents, the IQAX eBL system excels in both electronic B/Ls management and operational transfer efficiency. 

Acquiring Cargo Rights even through Prepayment: Easing Control Pressure 

The IQAX eBL system utilizes the original B/Ls, providing the authenticity of the original B/L and the swift processing of a Sea Waybill. This effectively addresses the issue where NCL faced challenges in controlling the right of goods despite prepayment for Sea Waybills. It relieves NCL of cargo control pressures and facilitates a flexible choice of payment methods. 

Customer Feedback

The user-friendly IQAX eBL system, coupled with its one-click transfer feature and clear B/Ls interface, greatly enhances the flexibility and operability of our logistics documentation processing.

Clong Chen, Marketing Director, NCL 

Business Achievements

By enhancing the efficiency of managing electronic B/Ls, IQAX eBL not only alleviates the long-standing cargo control pressure for NCL but also facilitates efficient processing of electronic B/Ls transactions and fund flow management. With the assistance of IQAX eBL, NCL is free to focus on core business development, ensuring sustained and effective operations.

IQAX respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. For more information, read IQAX's Privacy Statement

IQAX respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. For more information, read IQAX's Privacy Statement.