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Ocean Bridges Logistics Company Use Case



Ocean Bridges Logistics, a comprehensive third-party logistics provider with a global presence, offers integrated services that include import and export sea and air transport, customs clearance and inspection, as well as warehousing and distribution. Our extensive service network spans over 100 countries and regions, reaching from the Far East to the Americas, Europe, Australia and beyond. Our primary focus lies in providing efficient international transportation agency services for the import and export of goods via sea and air.


The transfer of B/Ls is an essential element in OBL's transportation operations. However, certain features of paper B/Ls are beginning to affect OBL's developmental needs. The downsides of traditional paper B/Ls are starting to come to the surface:

Traditional B/Ls Incur Multiple Expenses

Upon the carrier's issuance of the paper B/Ls, OBL must allocate extra manpower and resources to obtain the physical document and subsequently dispatch it to all customers or their representatives. Mailing costs, transportation expenses, along with the time consumed result in various expenditures brought by paper B/Ls, posing cost management challenges for OBL's continuously growing transport business.

Addressing E-commerce's Efficient Delivery Demands

Of OBL's existing clientele, a substantial portion consists of e-commerce enterprises. Unlike traditional importers and exporters, e-commerce customers prioritize efficiency and seek earlier access to the B/Ls. The process of mailing physical B/Ls requires cumbersome customer signing procedures. However, some electronic B/L platforms in the market are complex, requiring multiple confirmations to complete the release process. Regrettably, OBL has faced challenges in significantly improving the efficiency of goods release.


Effortless Online Transfer with Zero Additional Costs

The IQAX eBL electronic B/Ls revolutionize the traditional model of carrier-issued paper bills by transitioning to online issuance. By embracing the IQAX eBL solution, OBL not only removes the necessity of allocating manpower for obtaining the B/Ls but also avoids incurring the expenses associated with mailing them. The complete transfer process of B/L circulation is conducted online at no cost.

Easy-to-operate System: Surrender B/L Within 5 Seconds

From the start, the IQAX eBL system has been meticulously designed with the users experience in mind. The interface is clean and the B/L information is presented clearly. When OBL needs to execute a B/L surrender, a mere two to three clicks are sufficient to complete the process for a single B/L. This straightforward and rapid surrender process is especially advantageous for OBL, enabling efficient handling of a large volume of bills simultaneously and dramatically transforming operational efficiency.

Customer Feedback

Electronic B/Ls are undoubtedly the future trend in maritime development. The IQAX eBL, with its fast-processing time and user-friendly operation has significantly boosted our efficiency in handling B/Ls.

Jophy Hong, Founder of OBL

Business Achievements

The adoption of the IQAX eBL system delivered significant economic gains and business growth for OBL. It has effectively eliminated the costs associated with the paper B/Ls transfer process. Furthermore, the swift surrender feature of IQAX eBL helps OBL enter the delivery process earlier, boosting end user satisfaction, playing a key role in the impressive 50% increase in user volume achieved in 2023.

IQAX respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. For more information, read IQAX's Privacy Statement

IQAX respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. For more information, read IQAX's Privacy Statement.