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Worldwide Logistics Company Use Case



Worldwide Logistics, awarded the highest honor in China's logistics industry - National 5A Grade Logistics Enterprise and 3A grade credit rating, with more than 1,900 employees, its services encompass international sea container FCL and LCL, international air transport, general cargo transport, bulk cargo, project logistics, chemical logistics, cross-border e-commerce logistics and so on. Worldwide Logistics is committed to providing global customers with digital, online, visualized "end-to-end" one-stop international logistics fulfilment services.


To facilitate digital transformation and enhance efficiency, Worldwide Logistics actively adopts the electronic bill of lading solution, IQAX eBL, aiming to provide customers with more convenient and efficient logistics services. This solution addresses the challenges encountered by Worldwide Logistics in the processing of bills of lading in the past.

Risks in Mailing Paper Bills of Lading

Traditional paper bills of lading lack tamper-proof features and are susceptible to the risks of loss or unsuccessful delivery. For instance, during the recent Coronavirus pandemic, the international courier company previously chosen by WWL postponed local delivery services due to policy factors. Consequently, WWL managed to dispatch the original bill of lading only at a much later stage, resulting in delayed customer pickups upon the goods arrival at the port and subsequent delays.

Customs Requirements for B/L Vary by Region

Customs requirements for bills of lading usage vary between countries. WWL is striving to enhance the efficiency in the document lifecycle while ensuring legal compliance across different regions. Despite the global trend toward digitizing shipping documents, some major importing nations, such as Brazil and Argentina, still uphold strict requirements for paper B/Ls.


Enhanced by Blockchain Technology: Ensuring Secure and Stable Transfer

The IQAX eBL system breaks away from the reliance on the courier company's B/L dispatch method, accomplishing online circulation through a blockchain data interaction platform. This process eliminates the risk of loss and is not affected by unforeseen events. The system operates on the Global Shipping Business Network (GSBN) where only authorized parties are allowed to publish and utilize shipping-related information, in this way, the records are immutable and traceable, preventing documents from being lost or tampered with. This establishes a robust foundation for secure and stable B/L transferring at WWL.

Flexible System: Additional Download and Print for B/Ls

IQAX eBL, an advanced electronic bill of lading system, caters to the diverse needs of different business scenarios. Electronic bills of lading within the system that hold legal validity can be converted to paper bills of lading by the carrier in response to the customer's business needs at the destination port. This flexible approach, encompassing both electronic circulation and physical delivery of paper bills, ensures the legality and compliance of WWL's B/L transferring processes and enables consignees to receive bills earlier than before.

Customer Feedback

The adoption of IQAX eBL is a vital aspect of WWL's enhanced supply chain services. This integration not only eliminates the risks associated with traditional mailing but also provides the flexibility to switch to paper whenever needed. We are delighted to collaborate with IQAX eBL.

Candy Tang, Manager of the South China Operation Department, WWL

Business Achievements

The IQAX eBL system has introduced innovative changes to the bill of lading circulation process at WWL. Leveraging blockchain technology and the flexible conversion of bills of lading, the system streamlines WWL's operations, reduces associated expenses in bill transfer circulation, significantly enhances work efficiency and offers an advanced and user-friendly experience for end customers.

IQAX respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. For more information, read IQAX's Privacy Statement

IQAX respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it. For more information, read IQAX's Privacy Statement.